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Vijest • Piše: I.P. - MV • 16.12.2019.

Open Call - Writers in Residence Programme: Reading Balkans 2020
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The Residency is prearranged by Reading Balkans project in cooperation with the Publishing House Goga (Slo), Goten Publishing (MK), Krokodil (Srb), Udruga Kurs (Cro), Poeteka (Alb), Qendra Multimedia (Kos), PEN BIH and S. Fischer Stiftung (De) & partners.

The Literary Residence Programme ‘Reading Balkans 2020’ is open to welcome fiction writers, poets, essayists, playwrights, screenplay writers and comic book writers from Southeast Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Montenegro, Bulgaria).

Reading Balkans project is supported by the EU Creative Europe program. We are in particular paying attention to writers who are innovative, who in their works deal with contemporary themes and topics.

We will enable the participation of writers of all ages and sexes with a common criterion: that their works reflect topics of migrations, language exile, reconciliation, the role of culture and the importance of dialogue to fight nationalism and intolerance.

For the year 2020, the call for applications is launched for 21 authors. Each residency duration will be 4 weeks. All residencies will be arranged between March 1st 2020 and December 31th.

(Name of the Host, country (town), number of residencies)

Publishing House Goga, Slovenia (Novo mesto): 3
Krokodil, Serbia (Beograd): 3
Goten Publishing, North Macedonia (Skopje): 3
Udruga Kurs, Croatia (Split): 3
Poeteka, Albania (Tirana): 3
Qendra Multimedia, Kosovo (Prishtina): 3
PEN BIH, Bosnia and Hercegovina (Sarajevo): 3


– a bio-bibliography – a short Curriculum vitae and art life, including the list of the works published
– a recommendation of the publisher or of Writers or Translators Association
– a synopsis of the project to be undertaken during four week staying in residency (max. half page)
– a Photography of the Author (it will be used for promotional purposes of the project).

The application material should be sent in Croatian, Serbian (latin), Bosnian, Slovenian or English. The deadline for the applications is December 30th, 2019. The fellowships will be awarded by the Board of Reading Balkans Project. In case you have additional questions regarding the call please contact us via email:

The applicants will be informed about the decision of the jury via email, by Friday, January 17th 2020.  


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